We are most interested in new presentations, but important updates on existing work are welcome. We are also interested in presentations from new faces, therefore, we encourage any individual who has not spoken at a conference before to submit a talk, and we’ll try and help you make BSides Dundee your inaugural event.

NOTE: BSides Dundee does not accept product or vendor related pitches. If your talk is a camouflaged advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not apply.



If you’ve always wanted to speak at a professional conference, but have never been given the opportunity, then the Rookie Track is for you.
The Rookie Track will be a period, during the conference, when enthusiastic novices will be given the opportunity to present their interesting cybersecurity talks.

Speeches many range from 3 mins to 10 mins in length.  All participants will also be mentored by security professionals.
The Rookie Track is therefore a fast-track method, for newcomers to the cybersecurity arena, to gain international professional exposure.



BSides Dundee presentations can be from multiple perspectives such as (but not limited to): Adversarial, Defence, Pure research, Ideological, Philosophical, Human Rights or Sociological perspective.  Presentations dealing with emerging technologies or issues, as well as novel solutions / approaches to solving a problem, are particularly encouraged.

Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Social Engineering
  • Machine Learning (Adversarial or Defence)
  • Privacy / Freedom / Justice / Surveillance (legal or Illegal)
  • Mobile (tracking, injection, IMSI Catchers
  • Big Data / Analytics / Data Mining
  • Bio-Computing
  • BioHacking (Embedded devices, medical devices)
  • Vulnerability research and zero days
  • Penetration testing and security assessment
  • Anti-Forensics / Forensics
  • Malware analysis and new trends in malicious codes
  • Cryptography (Classical / Quantum)
  • Blockchain
  • Car/Vehicles/CANBUS hacking
  • Operational Tech (OT)
  • Embedded device security / Internet of things / Hardware hacking (From Smart buildings, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Factories, Pharmaceuticals)
  • Robotics
  • Cyber security in Space (GPS, Satellite comms/internet, critical infrastructure, ISS, Latency Tolerance)
  • Satellite / Radio / Fibre



Submissions with two or more speakers are welcome at BSides Dundee.



The following slots are available, (allocated time also includes time for questions):

  • Regular Talks: Regular presentation slots lengths are a fixed duration of 40 minutes;
  • Light Talks: Light presentation slots lengths are a fixed duration of 20 minutes;
  • Rookie talks: If you hesitate to send in your paper because you do not have any experience as a Speaker, then do not worry, because we’re here to help.



  • All presentations must be submitted by the original authors.
  • Submissions should be in English.
  • Sales pitches, advertisements, product demos will be politely rejected.
  • As part of the submission assesment process candidates will need to submit a 250 word abstract of their talk.
  • Candidates will also need to submitt a short personal bio.


Submissions should be in plain text and should address the following points:

  • Your preferred email address
  • Are you representing anyone (yourself, company name, group name)
  • The title and abstract for your presentation
  • Approximate length of your presentation



CFP Opens March 1st
CFP Closes June 10th

Email notification, to proposers, of acceptance of CFP - July 1st, 2022
Deadline for speakers to confirm attendance -  July 10, 2022

BSides Dundee schedule published - TBD
BSides Dundee - 6th August 2022

(All deadlines are 11:59pm GMT)


Submissions are now closed for 2022.


We thank you in advance for your interest and support of BSides Dundee. All of your submissions are greatly appreciated.