BSides Dundee Cyber ticket Hunt closed at 23:59 BST on Sunday 31 July 2022. Any unclaimed tickets were available to purchase by those on the waiting list (eventbrite link).

Ticket Hunt for the 2nd Edition of BSides Dundee will be announced in 2024

Follow the clues contained in the Cyber Ticket Hunt images, collect the flags, concatenate the flags, hash (SHA256) the concatenated flags and submit to the Eventbrite page (link and instructions below).  If your hash of concatenated answers is correct, and you are one of the first 10 successful, you could win a free ticket.

This is how the ticket hunt works.

If you are the first to get three clues correct, (as shown in the following table), you will then be able to claim two free tickets.

Prize One
Clue1 + Clue2 + Clue 3 = 2 Free tickets

Prize Two
Clue2 + Clue3 + Clue 4 = 2 Free tickets

Prize Three
Clue3 + Clue4 + Clue 5 = 2 Free tickets

Prize Four
Clue4 + Clue5 + Clue 6 = 2 free tickets

Prize Five
Clue5 + clue6 + Clue 7 = 2 free tickets

Each answer to a clue must be joined with the subsequent answer, (note there must be no whitespace between the answers, and no line feeds or carriage return characters).

A SHA256 hash should then be taken of the concatenated string.  The resultant hash will need to be entered into this eventbrite link . (A process that will allow you to retrieve your free ticket(s).)  On this eventbrite page , click Tickets. Then click Enter promo code, add your hash, and click Apply. If your hash was correct the hidden free tickets will be revealed.

For example if you are on a Linux system, to compute your hash, you would enter the following command in the terminal command prompt:

# echo -n Clue1Clue2Clue3|sha256sum

You should substitute[Clue1Clue2Clue3] with the concatenated string you obtained for each of the above Prizes.

Clue1 = Fred, Clue2 = Scooby, Clue3 = Shaggy
# echo -n FredScoobyShaggy |sha256sum


Clue 1



Clue 2


Clue 3


Clue 4



Clue 5



Clue 6



Clue 7